Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Lego Store!!

My Dad is sooooo lucky. Two weeks ago he got to visit a real life Lego Store in Los Angeles. There he is holding a Hero Factory set. I could only sit at home and drool as I checked out this photo he sent from his friend's iPhone.

Luckily he got me some cool stuff. I got a minifig salt and pepper shaker, a minifig carry case, minifigs through the ages and some Hero Factory. My Dad tried to trick me and tell me that he didn't find Hero Factory but he forgot that I had been studying the photo for quite a while. I also got the Guggenheim museum from the Lego Architecture set. I will post photos of all this cool stuff later.

My favorite thing was the Space Man minifig which he got for free. And the Lego VIP card was pretty cool too!

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