Sunday, July 4, 2010

Custom Rainbow Teddy Set

This is my made up character named Rainbow Teddy. He is really special to me. In this photo, Rainbow Teddy is the bear with the red shirt, the yellow sleeves and the tan fur. Here he is in battle against his nemesis Samebow Teddy. All the characters are in a construction site fighting. The other characters are construction workers, dark lord guard (the cat with the gatling gun), a policeman fox and a mouse wearing a soccer jersey. He has a cast on his arm and a cast on his leg. Rainbow Teddy's girlfriend is the snake being captured by the cat. He is trying to save her but Samebow Teddy is getting in his way.

These are custom minifigs which I built using sculpty clay to create my own heads. The characters are from a story I am working on where Rainbow Teddy is the main hero. I will bring you more Rainbow Teddy stories in future blogs along with new and exciting sets.