Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lego Store Opens in Toronto!

Today I joined hundreds of people in line at Sherway Gardens in Toronto waiting for our chance to check out the new Lego store. It was awesome!! Here is a video celebrating the big day!!

If you are interested in checking it out then you can find the new store at Sherway Gardens in Toronto.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Lego Store!!

My Dad is sooooo lucky. Two weeks ago he got to visit a real life Lego Store in Los Angeles. There he is holding a Hero Factory set. I could only sit at home and drool as I checked out this photo he sent from his friend's iPhone.

Luckily he got me some cool stuff. I got a minifig salt and pepper shaker, a minifig carry case, minifigs through the ages and some Hero Factory. My Dad tried to trick me and tell me that he didn't find Hero Factory but he forgot that I had been studying the photo for quite a while. I also got the Guggenheim museum from the Lego Architecture set. I will post photos of all this cool stuff later.

My favorite thing was the Space Man minifig which he got for free. And the Lego VIP card was pretty cool too!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Custom Rainbow Teddy Set

This is my made up character named Rainbow Teddy. He is really special to me. In this photo, Rainbow Teddy is the bear with the red shirt, the yellow sleeves and the tan fur. Here he is in battle against his nemesis Samebow Teddy. All the characters are in a construction site fighting. The other characters are construction workers, dark lord guard (the cat with the gatling gun), a policeman fox and a mouse wearing a soccer jersey. He has a cast on his arm and a cast on his leg. Rainbow Teddy's girlfriend is the snake being captured by the cat. He is trying to save her but Samebow Teddy is getting in his way.

These are custom minifigs which I built using sculpty clay to create my own heads. The characters are from a story I am working on where Rainbow Teddy is the main hero. I will bring you more Rainbow Teddy stories in future blogs along with new and exciting sets.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I had my birthday party two weeks ago and I got lots of cool lego stuff. I guess people realized that Lego is my favorite because of my invitation!! (see above) I got some Atlantis sets, a City construction set, Space Police, Bionicles and a Lego Stop Motion camera which I am going to use to make lots of cool movies. Look for them on the blog some time soon.

One of the coolest things I got was the Dragon Lego Game which my friend had sent from his cousins in England. We aren't getting the Lego games until the summer and it is lots of fun to play one of them right now.

I also got the "Clutch Powers" movie and "Halo Legends" which were fun to watch. I especially liked exploring all of the Lego sets with Clutch Powers. I hope they make more of those movies because they are lots of fun.

If any of my friends are reading this then thanks a LOT for all the great Lego stuff. I am sure that you will all be coming by at some point to play with the new sets. The party was great fun and now that March break is almost over I will see you soon.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lego Mechs

These Lego mechs are made by myself and my friend Jav890. Since Exoforce there have not been too many mechs therefore we wanted to create our own design. Jav890's mech uses knight pieces along with swords and two wings. My mech uses Bionicle pieces and has a big gun. Now we are looking for ways to expand our collection with new mech designs. Hope you like these!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Years

For new years eve, I went to see Avatar and really enjoyed it. I got a bit of a headache from the 3D glasses but the story kept me very excited. I would definitely like to see Lego make a Lego Avatar set (not the other Avatar but the movie Avatar). The ships would be cool and the creatures would be amazing. I will have to try and create some myself some day.

We ended up downtown at midnight with lots of people. The celebration was fun and it was cool to be up so late. I slept in quite a bit this morning then woke up and played Lego. I also watched the outdoor hockey game and was glad to see that Boston won. You can see Boston Bear in my picture.

Happy new year to everyone and lets make this a wonderful Lego year!