Thursday, December 31, 2009

REVIEW: Bionicle Stars

My abuelos from Mexico gave me all of the Bionicle Stars for Christmas this year. But when I first opened the present, I saw a shoe box and my parents told me that I got some new boots. When I opened the box I saw all the Bionicle Stars and I was stunned. I was hoping to see the last Bionicles as soon as possible and now I could check them out!

I think the new Bionicles have awesome armour. There are some new weapons that I have never had before and my favorite was the ice sword in black. The Rahkshi comes in a new colour although I would have preferred if the spear parts were different. This set is a history of all the Bionicles past and that makes it very special. Now builders like me can build our own stars using pieces we already have. We can create Bionicle stars from old series that we love.

With each of the Bionicle stars, you get a gold piece that you can use to enhance one of the stars. Here is the red star with the gold armour. The armour makes him invincible and I think that this is a good addition to an already amazing set.

It is too bad that none of the Bionicles have any shooting functions but the gold pieces make up for that. Some people might say they are too small but I like the simpler figures. Overall I will give this set a 10 out of 10 and will have a great time playing with it. If you are looking for a last chance to play with Bionicle, the Bionicle stars are great.

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