Sunday, December 27, 2009

My First Blog Entry

I am happy to be online and want to share my ideas about the wonderful world of Lego. I am an avid builder and enjoy both traditional Lego and Bionicles. For Christmas this year, I got Bionicle Scopio from Santa and the complete set of Bionicle Stars from my Abuelos in Mexico. I also got some Lego Indiana Jones and a Power Miner set. From my grandparents in Canada, I got the Kaxium cycle and the Lego book which has lots of great information.

In a way, you can think of me like a Lego nerd who loves to create new worlds and then smash them up only to build them again. I want to live in Denmark some day and work for the world's best company. Lego not only gives us lots of fun but it also teaches us things that will help us in the future. 

I look forward to sharing my Lego creations with you. But first, here is a wonderful blanket that my mother made for me which includes lots of Lego...

Note: Hey! My blanket is on Geekologie. That is really cool! 


  1. Show us some of your creations!

    jumped here from geekologie; that blanket rocks. I used to be way into legos as a child, but unfortunately i dont have time to build anymore.

    If you're not privy to brickshelf, you should check it out. Lotsa cool user uploaded content over there.


  2. Your blanket is really awesome. I think it might become more internet famous than you might think. My son loves legos and recently made his first brick film: he also loves zome tools, and pixel blocks.

  3. you rock kid !
    greetings from france

  4. Awesome blanket!!

  5. Awesome Blanket!

    I'll tell you, my 9yo son broke down in tears over the news that Bionicle was ending. This is good news to hear that Lego Hero will replace Bionicle rather than the rumored Ben 10 series.

    Keep on building!